Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sunday just got even more Absolut Awesome

So you remember how proud I was of the Sparkplug after Sunday?  Well, in talking to Honorary Big Sister Jen today, Sunday just got even awesomer.

That train?  A bit over Beginner Novice.  The bridge?  Solid BN.  The wavy rails?  Another solid BN.  The dog run cabin?  Novice.  Yeah, novice.  The bench at the end?  Also Novice.  And the banks we jumped up?  Training.  Yes, training.

This all means that Sparky, whose poor brain I didn't want to fry by increasing height compared to what he is used, who had previously jumped 2'9" once, has officially jumped higher than I had ever previously jumped with him - while on cross country.  Holy crap!  I had NO idea!  Wow.

(Postlogue: BN = 2'7" max height for non-brush; N = 2'11" max height for non-brush; T = 3'3" max height for non-brush.  This means that Sparky jumped up at least a 3'0" bank... and that 2'9" is starting to look small).

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