Sunday, October 27, 2013

You Are So Beautiful To Me

MY 17.5" XW County Conquest!!!
Here we are, about a month after buying my new saddle, I finally got to see it in person for the first time.  My friends and fitter did not lie - it is indeed, beautiful.  The round cantle about which I was so concerned really is very subtle; you can't really tell that it is round from the side.  And from the back, well, it's kind of growing on me.  It has piping.  I'm a sucker for piping.  The color is perfect and lovely, and my much-loved Prestige stirrup leathers are a perfect match.  The seat isn't quite as "squishy" as some of the other Countys I've ridden in, but it is still very comfortable.  And most importantly, it fits my horses!  I put a nameplate on it.  That means it's definitely a keeper.