Friday, January 6, 2017

It's Been A Minute

So, it's been a minute since I last posted.  This is not because I haven't tried; looking at my dashboard, I see several started and then abandoned blog posts.  I think that partly, my heart just hasn't been "in it" when it comes to blogging about horses that are not my own.

BUT!  Things change, and good things come to those who wait!  I am pleased (haha, more like ECSTATIC!) to share with you that the lovely Grace Kelly has now joined me in New York (well, technically, New Jersey) to advance her education.

Lovely Rider did, of course, a lovely job with Kelly during the time that she was riding the mare.  Lovely Rider has now moved on to adultier things, like dream jobs, so Kelly is now relegated to hanging out with me again.  Hopefully, with the guidance of the amazing trainers I've been riding with while I've been living in New York, I will be able to build on the fantastic work Lovely Rider did with Kelly.

Kelly has already been here for three weeks, and they've pretty much been the best three weeks of my NY life.  She is so smart and willing and happy to work... I have just fallen in love with her all over again!  She was out of work for a while, but has very quickly started to come back into shape and pick up some new things/remember old things.

I am SO excited to have her here, and I look forward to *actually* chronicling our adventures together!

PS - For those interested, Star and Sparky are both doing well in their lease situations.  Both are in different places than when their leases began, but I am very happy with their current situations.  They are having fun teaching kids to ride and are well-loved and appreciated!

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  1. So happy she made it out safe and sound, and can't WAIT to read all about your adventures!