Friday, February 8, 2013

I'm Not Dead!!!

Friends, I admit that I am officially a terrible blogger and have apparently been so since May!  In my defense, I was preparing for some major life changes - namely, getting married, moving to another state, and hunting for/starting a new job!  

Wedding planning takes a lot of time, especially when:
A) Your mom, fiance, bridesmaids, and future-mother-in-law all live in different states, none of which are anywhere near yours, and
B) You are trying to save some money by DIYing things like save-the-dates, programs, etc.

So pretty much my horse life went out the window.  Except for the day that I hurt my back jumping Sparky around.  And then I couldn't really ride because I was hurt.  And then it was time to spend even more time wedding planning.  And then it was time for the wedding.  And then it was time for the honeymoon.  And then it was time to pack up my whole life and move 800 miles away.

I did manage to do some stuff, so I'll go back and fill you in on that... but in the meanwhile, I thought you might like to know that I'm not dead.

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