Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jumper II and Working Hunter I

Tuesday morning, and significantly less nervous. In other words, I'm not almost in tears and about to puke. I feel like there is no way I'll be able to remember my course, once again, but honestly, I can't think of ONE time I haven't thought that!

The day started with Jumper II. Having learned my lesson from the day before, I made sure to inquire about the time allowed today. After only half the riders the day before making the time allowed, the course designer decided to extend the time allowed to 64 seconds instead of 60. MM apparently had another class in another arena that she needed to get to, so she actually jumped the course before the rest of us walked the course (so no, she did not walk the course). Apparently, she was almost double-clean, but with time faults in the jump-off... but then it became double-clean, because it was then decided to extend the time allowed in the jump-off, as well. Alrighty, then.

There's really not a whole lot I can say about the course... honestly, I think it was an easier course than the first class. The bending line from 5ab to 6 was pretty fun, and then there was a trip down the middle of the arena going away to fence 7. I don't know what it was about fence 7... everything about it seemed perfectly straightforward, but almost everyone hit it, and unfortunately for us, it came down. 4 faults... bummer. It did make me glad, however, that I had decided to be more forward in the first round in this class than I had the day before, because it meant that we could still lay down the fastest 4-fault round. And we did. Still disappointing to pull a rail, but we still got 4th in class.

Following Jumper II, we had our first hunter class, the aptly named "Working Hunter I." Being as this was a hunter course, I was MUCH less worried about remembering the course. The course started with a right lead coming home. No reason to make any big issue of it... trot in, pick up the canter near the far end of arena, establish a nice pace, and go for it, right? Apparently not. For whatever reason, Star a) decided that she didn't want to back in the arena (so a "helpful" bystander led her in), and b) decided that she had NEVER been in that arena before, and OMIGOD!!! everything was going to eat her alive, can't you tell?!?! Riiiight.

Trotted to the end, tried about three times to pick up the canter, and finally got it at about the last minute. A few bulging turns to avoid monsters, a couple rough-ish lead changes ("But I don't WANT to change my lead!" and "Are you telling me what to do?!?"), and being very "looky" in general, but we got around, had a fairly decent (steady, hunter) pace, made the lines and made the changes. When we jogged back, I was absolutely SHOCKED to be called back in fourth! Way to go, horse - I don't know how you pulled that off!

Game plan for Wednesday:

Hunter II: Trot right into the ring and pick up a canter immediately, so Star doesn't have time to look at all the scary stuff.
Hunter Under Saddle: Just have a nice ride, letting Star stretch down and forward for a little more of the hunter "nose poke" than is dersirable in the hunter pleasure ring, and work for a nice, ground-covering pace with light rein contact.
Jumper III: Don't pull any rails. Remaining strategy to follow upon learning the course.

Ribbon Tally:
Jumpers: 1-2nd; 1-4th
Hunter: 1-4th

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  1. Nice ribbon tally! Hope the next rides go (or went) smoother!