Thursday, June 17, 2010

Laughing Down the Lines

Sometimes it's centerline, sometimes it's a bending line, and sometimes it's an outside line. Sometimes it's outright laughter, sometimes it's actually a grimace, and occasionally, it's a four-letter word (and I don't mean "pony", though that's a four-letter word in both senses, too!). Sometimes it's due to something truly hilarious, sometimes it's pure joy, and sometimes it's because it's all one really can do. But wherever we are, and whatever the cause, I find that I almost always go laughing down the lines.

This is basically the story of the adventures (and misadventures!) of Gratis Park Sport Morgans, better known as me (Nicole), Star, and Sparky, with cameo appearances by many of our friends.

So come along for the ride - or drive, depending on the day - and you'll probably be laughing (with us or at us; we don't judge) at some point, too!

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